Read For Life Literacy Initiative

Read for Life is an exciting three year literacy program initiated by The National Chapter of Canada IODE in 2005. IODE embraced a newspaper challenge �to make Canada the most literate nation in the world�. It encouraged its members across Canada to launch their own literacy projects during IODE Awareness Week, October 29th to November 5th, 2005.

Studies on early learning state, �the early years, from birth to age six, have the most important influence at any time in the life cycle on brain development and subsequent learning behaviour.� In the first year, Read for Life focused on literacy for children from birth to six years of age. In the second year, children from seven to fourteen years of age were the target, and in the third year, youth to adults benefit from the Read for Life Program.

The Education Committee of The National Chapter has recommended that Read for Life continue as a vital education program of IODE in the coming years. It is with appreciation that we thank Jane Venus, Manager of Children and Youth Services of the Ottawa Public Library, and her staff for compiling recommended book lists for IODE.

IODE Yellow Briar started our Read for Life campaign in partnership with the Orangeville Public Libraries through our Twelve Days of Christmas fundraiser, all funds go to the libraries to purchase books.